You Need These Types of Business Insurance in Santa Ana if Your Business Delivers

As a business owner, it can be tough to strike the proper balance between too much and too little insurance coverage. While you don’t want to lose a tremendous amount of capital every month to insurance payments, you also want to make sure your organization is adequately insured. Here are some essential types of insurance you’ll need to purchase if your business makes deliveries around the community.

Auto Insurance for Your Drivers

Any time that your business is delivering products around town, that’s a sure sign that you need auto insurance in Santa Ana for your drivers. This ensures that your drivers can be confident that they are taken care of as they travel. It also makes sure that you as a business owner are taking care of your assets. This type of business insurance santa ana pays for any damage and repairs to your delivery vehicles while they’re out on the job. Talk with your nearby insurance professional to find out how much coverage you’ll need for the specific kinds of delivery vehicles your business uses.

Insurance for Property Damage

If your business runs out of a brick-and-mortar building or a warehouse, you’ll also need insurance for property damage. Insurance against property damage protects you in the event that some part of your business premises is damaged and needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Additionally, insurance against property damage protects you if some of your products are damaged and need to be replaced. Again, your insurance professional will be able to advise you regarding the amount of coverage you will need to sustain in order to appropriately protect both your business premises and the products that your company makes.

Liability Insurance on Your Products

For companies that sell and deliver physical products, it will be crucial for you to have liability insurance. While you naturally want to lean toward the most inexpensive insurance in Santa Ana, it will also be important that you carry the right amount of liability insurance. In case one of your products does not work properly or hurts someone, liability insurance protects you and helps to cover the damage caused by defective products. Liability insurance is one of the most important components of a viable insurance portfolio for your company. When you do your due diligence, you can make sure your insurance coverage is robust.

While it’s a requirement to carry auto insurance in order to drive in California, you’re not necessarily required to know every detail of your policy. However, there are some pieces of information that you’ll want to know (or know where to find) in the unfortunate event that you’re involved in a significant accident. Here are the facts that you’ll want at your fingertips when you’ve had a car accident:

Know-How Much Your Deductible Is

Deductibles are easy to overlook when you’re shopping around for auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana. Even if you’re tempted to ignore it, make sure that you pick a deductible that you know you can pay if you need to. Also, make sure that you have a copy of your policy on file in case you forget what your deductible is. When you have an accident, you can expect to pay your deductible first before your insurance kicks in to help you, so be prepared and informed about what you’ll be paying.

Know Who to Contact When You’ve Had an Accident 

Some insurance companies will have your agent’s number printed on the back of your insurance card, but other companies may not. No matter what your insurance cards look like, make sure that you have the contact information for the person you’ll need to call in case you’re involved in an accident. Additionally, try to find out exactly what information your insurance company will need from you if you have an accident. If you wait until you actually experience a car accident to find this information, you may forget to get the information you need in the moment and in the midst of the chaos that often follows a collision.

Know Whether or Not You Have Rental Coverage 

After an accident, your car will most likely need to go into the mechanic for some repairs. In this situation, make sure that you know whether your auto insurance in Santa Ana covers a rental car for you. If your policy covers a rental car, you can look forward to having a vehicle to get you from place to place while your car is repaired. You’ll be entitled to a car that’s similar to the one you own so you don’t have to be drastically inconvenienced by an accident.

For business owners in Southern California, these challenging times have brought a sense of uncertainty and worry to their business operations. If you own a business, you may be wondering if your business insurance actually protects you in any way from the unrest that you see in your communities. The good news is that business insurance comes with some significant advantages. Here are some of the most memorable ones for your business:

Benefit #1: Safe Property 

When you carry business insurance, your business insurance protects the property in which you conduct your business. You can find inexpensive insurance in Santa Ana that still affords you all of the protection you need for the premises you use. And, whether you are reporting to work right now or working from home, you can rest assured that your business insurance continues to cover and protect your business premises whether you are able to be there or not. This knowledge can give you some serious peace of mind.

Benefit #2: Protection for Travelling Employees and Products 

As part of your business, you may need to have your products delivered or have employees driving to multiple locations during the course of the business day. You can get business insurance that includes car insurance near Santa Ana as well. This insurance can protect any vehicles that you use for business purposes. Business automobile insurance can also cover your employees as they drive your vehicles around town. Losing one of your business-related vehicles due to an accident could be crippling for your business, so you’ll want to make sure that everything you need to run your business is covered, down to each and every single car. 

Benefit #3: Protection in the Event of Loss or Criminal Behavior

One of the most salient fears in the minds of business owners right now is the concern of theft, looting or other criminal behavior impacting business premises. The equipment that you use to conduct your business is also covered by your business insurance policy. If your business experiences theft or vandalism, rest assured that you can file a claim with your business insurance company in order to recoup your losses in this area. Be sure to keep an account of the equipment that you use to conduct your business, and your business insurance can come through for you.

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When you purchase insurance for your car, you probably don’t check to see what’s included in your coverage. Perhaps you chose the policy with the lowest premium and left it at that. You may want to take another look at your coverage, though. If you make sure that you’re educated about what type of coverage you need, you can double check and make sure that you have the right amount of coverage for your car and your situation. Here are some things that you’ll want included in your coverage:

Liability Coverage for Property Damage 

Property damage can happen in a variety of different situations. Sometimes it happens during an accident involving another car, and sometimes it occurs when you accidentally hit an object with your car. Car insurance near Santa Ana can provide coverage for damage to any property that your car hits. This might include another car if you collided with someone. It can also include things like light poles, road signs and buildings if your car does damage to any inanimate object. This coverage is a tremendous help in the event that you hit something.

Coverage for Collisions 

In contrast to liability coverage for property damage, collision coverage takes care of the damage done to your car during a crash. These are the repair costs that a mechanic or body shop typically charges you when they have to fix the damage to your car. If you are in an accident, your auto insurance quotes santa ana adjustor may ask for you to take pictures of the damage your car has sustained in order to get your repairs covered by insurance. This type of coverage is crucial for getting your car (and you) back out on the road.

Coverage for an Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist 

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage can be a lifesaver for you. If you happen to hit another car (or a pedestrian) who has no insurance, uninsured motorist coverage can pay for the repairs that you need to make to your car so that it’s functional again. Underinsured motorist coverage steps into the gap when another driver does not have enough of their own business insurance santa ana coverage to adequately pay for damages to your car. By taking a close look at the types of coverage in your policy, you can decide whether your auto insurance coverage needs an adjustment.


With the economy currently struggling, many people are looking for ways to cut costs and reduce the amount of the bills that they’re paying. If you’re looking to do the same, you may be taking a second look at the cost of your car insurance premium. If you’re looking to make some changes to your insurance, be aware that some small investments or adjustments can pay off significantly here. Here are a few changes that can benefit you in a big way:

Be Prepared to Bundle 

One of the easiest ways to score a discount for your auto insurance is to bundle it with another type of insurance coverage that you buy from the same company. As you’re looking for auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana, keep an eye out for companies that offer another type of insurance that you need as well. Home insurance and renter’s insurance are easily bundled with auto insurance. And, when you bundle two types of insurance coverage together, you can often get a discount on both policies that you purchase.  

Take a Defensive Driving Course 

While it will cost you a bit of money to take a defensive driving course, this is a quick way to score a good driver discount with your business insurance santa ana. Be sure to check with the company that you’re thinking of buying coverage from beforehand, as some insurance companies will only accept specific courses like defensive driving courses. Also, bear in mind that you’ll need to have documentation that shows you completed the course, so you will also want to find out what type of proof is needed and how you should submit it to your auto insurance santa ana

Purchase a Dash or Backup Cam 

Investing in a dashboard camera or backup camera definitely comes with a price tag, but both types of cameras will come in handy in the event of an accident. Accidents on your record are one of the main reasons why insurance premiums increase. Having cameras installed in your car is a concrete way to show your insurance adjuster what happened and clear your name if the other party is claiming that the accident was your fault. Sure, buying them will cost you some money in the beginning, but these cameras will save you much more money in the long run.  

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about business insurance. However, you may not have heard exactly how business insurance can be helpful to you. You may also be unaware of the various specific areas in which business insurance can help you. There are several diverse types of business insurance that are formulated to solve several different kinds of business-related issues. Here are a few predicaments that business insurance can solve for you: 

Liability Problems 

If your business involves operating in a physical building, you may want to invest in business liability insurance. Liability insurance helps you in the event that one of your customers hurts him or herself on your business premises and sues you. Any adverse circumstances that occur on your business property can potentially lead to a lawsuit. It’s important to be able to protect yourself and to be prepared if one of your customers turns on you and seeks legal retribution. Talking with an insurance professional can help you to determine exactly what your projected liability risks are, as well as the best type of coverage for you.

Income Loss Problems

Recently, income loss has been an issue for many small businesses. Income protection insurance for businesses provides coverage that lets you continue to pay your employees and continue to operate as a business in the event that your business has to be closed. While many businesses have recently had to stay closed due to public health concerns, income protection insurance is typically designed to cover problems associated with business closure due to a fire or significant damage to the building. Income protection insurance can be a helpful asset to you as you operate your business in the current climate.

Damage to Company Property

If your business involves utilizing commercial vehicles (such as semi-trucks or a fleet of vans), you’ll want to protect your property in the event of accidents or vandalism. Auto insurance in Santa Ana can also be purchased to protect commercial vehicles driven by yourself or your employees. Since driving is an unpredictable endeavor, you never know when one of your vehicles might get damaged. And, since you can’t necessarily control where you will need to travel in the course of a business day, it helps to know your fleet of vehicles is protected no matter where you drive.

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No matter what kind of car you drive, you’ll naturally want to find the most reasonably priced car insurance available. While you’re hunting around for a good auto insurance rate, you may not be hearing the prices that you want to hear. What you may not realize is that your car insurance rates may be high because of the kind of car that you are driving. Here are some aspects of your car that drive your car insurance premium higher and higher:

Your Car is Sporty

Historically, the most expensive autos to insure are sports cars. Their flashy nature attracts a lot of attention and makes them cars that many people want to steal. Smaller cars can also be more expensive to insure due to the possibility of greater damage in an accident. If you’re looking to save money on insurance, leaning toward a mid-size car can save you a significant amount of money. Opting for a mid-sized to SUV-sized vehicle will give you the opportunity to lock in a lower insurance premium

Your Car Costs a Lot to Repair 

Another factor that insurance professionals look at when creating auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana is the repair costs for your car. Some cars cost more to fix due to a lack of available parts. This can occur because the car is no longer being made (for example, Pontiacs and Saturns are no longer in production) and less spare parts can be readily found. Other cars (such as imported or luxury vehicles) simply need more expensive parts to repair. Consider asking your local mechanic about car makes and models that can be repaired for a reasonable amount of money before you buy a new car.

Your Car is New

While the overall cost of your car isn’t the only thing that car insurance near santa ana looks at when creating your quote, it shouldn’t be ignored either. A brand new car is going to carry a higher price tag than a used one. Additionally, if you finance a new car, you’ll be required to carry comprehensive auto coverage on the vehicle (which is the most expensive type of coverage available). Holding comprehensive coverage on an expensive vehicle will cost a considerable amount of money. By keeping these basic tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a better insurance rate.

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It’s true that insurance is an important and foundational investment, but no one said that having insurance has to be too hard on your wallet. When you are looking for any kind of insurance, it pays to know a thing or two about finding affordable insurance premiums. As long as you know how to handle the process of getting an insurance quote, you can have the security of insurance and the peace of mind that comes with budgeting well. Here are a few ways to help the insurance quote process work in your favor:


Take Safety and Security Seriously 


If you are shopping for business insurance in Santa Ana, you as a business owner can take a lot of steps to lower your insurance premiums. Making sure that your place of business has sprinkler systems and security cameras will minimize the risks of fire and criminal activity. Implementing employee training programs that prioritize safety (like driver training programs for companies that have drivers making deliveries) is another way to save yourself some serious cash when it comes to insurance rates.


Look Around for the Best Rates 


At least every couple of years, take another look at who is providing your auto insurance in Santa Ana. For auto insurance and many other types of insurance, rates are continually changing. Because rates and policies can change pretty often, it’s worth your while to check your current premiums against quotes from other insurance companies. In some cases, you may be getting a loyalty discount for remaining with your current carrier, so it will be wiser to stay. In other cases, you may find a competitor that can offer you better premiums and switch to a new insurance company may help you. 


Bundle Where You Can 

If you need to carry several different types of insurance (like business insurance santa ana and auto insurance, for example), bundling insurance policies might be a good idea. Many insurance companies offer discounts for individuals who take out multiple insurance policies with them. Again, it’s important to check out quotes from several companies, because bundling is not always the cheapest option for you. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to ask about a multiple policy discount. If you shop around and look around for lower premiums, there’s no reason your car insurance near santa ana rates have to stress you out.

The internet is a weird thing.  For example, let’s talk about Cheap Insurance.  Cheap insurance is something that people often use to look for local agents that have good rates.  Someone may put Cheap insurance Santa Ana in their search bar to see if that can lower there auto insurance rate.

 Although many times we are able to lower auto rates our products in no way shape or form would qualify as Cheap insurance.  Sure the price is lower than other places but the product you receive is not cheap insurance. I would call it Inexpensive, yeah, Inexpensive Insurance.  The companies we represent like Mercury Insurance are top level insurance companies and many people think that because of that the price may be higher. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Companies like Mercury Insurance are able to keep their prices so low because they only allow good drivers to enroll with them.  So many may call this cheap insurance that statement could not be further from the truth.  Now if you are not what one would consider a California good driver (this means you have less than 2 points on your driving records) then we also have other companies that would suit your needs. 

Now these companies are a bit more expensive but unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast. If you have had tickets or accidents in the past these points will raise your rate but we still have amazing rates for drivers in these situations.  Although many times someone may be looking for Car Insurance near Santa Ana but not find the rate they want we are able to meet there needs because we do not charge brokers fees.

Let me tell you something about these brokers’ fees.  DO NOT PAY THEM! So many agencies out there’s top priority is to gather brokers fees and that is their number one priority.  That will not happen with us here at Palmer Insurance.  We do not charge and Broker Fees Or service fees.  We could if we wanted to but have chosen not to as many times this is where we find we are able to truly save our clients’ money. 

These fees add up over time and I have seen people pay hundreds in these fees.  It makes me sick and that is and experience you will not have with us here at Palmer.

So what do we take from this? Don’t search cheap insurance Santa Ana, but how about Inexpensive Insurance Santa Ana?

So the holidays are here and we are all looking to save money in any way we can.  Go ahead and keep that Disney Plus account and don’t cancel the Netflix. The best thing you can do is call us for an Auto insurance quote especially if you are near Santa Ana.  Our office is located conveniently on the corner of 1st and Broadway right next to downtown.  We are here and open though the holiday season (minus Christmas Day and New Year’s) to help you save money and hopefully increase your insurance coverage as well. 

Often time’s people don’t realize that for the same amount that they are paying now often times you can have double or triple the coverage you may have now.  If raising your coverage is not your priority and you are primarily looking to save money then often times we can keep your auto insurance coverage the same and lower your rate.  You will never know unless you call or drop us a message.

Also the New Year is the best time to review your commercial insurance.  So if you are looking for Business Insurance near Santa Ana we are here to provide you with the best company and price to fit your current need.  Just yesterday we were able to lower the rate of a landscaping company that had 3 heavy trucks over $3000 a year and we were able to match his existing coverage.

Now only did we save him thousands but we were also able to get him signed up for a Business insurance liability policy so now not only are his cars covered but his work is now covered also.  In his situation its ideal as often times he is trimming trees and if one of those branches falls on someone or on the house those damages would now be covered under this plan. He came in for a business insurance quote and we were able to lower his bottom line and he now has the coverage a company like his truly needs.

So if you are looking for some auto insurance quotes near Santa Ana or business insurance we are the people to see.  We will not try to “sell” you. This is not how we operate.  But if we can save you some real money or maybe up your coverage from what you have now we are here