Are you looking for an auto insurance quote Santa Ana?

Are you looking for an auto insurance quote Santa Ana?
  • By Michael
  • March 10th, 2020
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On a Rainey day like today it just reminds me how important it is to have proper coverage when you’re out driving.  It’s no secret that So cal drivers cannot drive in the rain.  Now I would not like to put myself in to this category as I tell my wife “I’m almost a race car driver” but she often disagrees.  I just wanted to put out some tips with regards to driving in the rain as now is as good of a time as any.  Also if you are looking for Car insurance near Santa Ana give us a call and we can probably save you some money.

Tip #1

Drive the speed limit

The #1 cause of accidents in the rain is speed.  Not only going to fast but also going to slow.  We all know the implied dangers of speeding in the rain.  Hydroplaning, slipping, and sliding.  All of these things can be super scary when behind the wheel of a 2 ton machine.  So don’t speed and adhere to the posted speed limits.  Now something that many don not realize is going to slow can often be as dangerous as going too fast.  If you are going 20 MPH below the speed of traffic it is possible that a driver obeying the speed limit will have to break hard and slide right in to you.  So be cautious of your speed when driving in the rain.

Tip #2

Check your tires

This is huge.  Many people in So cal think they can go over the mileage recommendations on their tires as we have amazing weather and often take it for granted.  But when it starts to rain as it is going to this week it is vital that you check your tread.  You can be the most cautious driver and your equipment can fail you because you just have no traction on worn tires.

These are just a few tips when driving in the rain this week that I wanted to share.  Of course if you are ever looking for Cheap insurance Santa Ana.  Or as I like to call in Inexpensive Auto Insurance in Santa Ana please give us a call.  I am sure we can save you a boat load of money.  Also remember we offer great rates of business insurance and workers comp also!

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