Privacy Policy



PALMER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. has been successfully servicing its clients for the last 30 years. We know It is important to respect your privacy and maintain your trust. When we ask for personal information is protected at all times.
In order for us to obtain or service the insurance products that best meets your needs, we may collect personal Information from you, as well as from others.

Personal information includes any identifying information, Such As:
  1. Your name, address, e-mall address, phone number
  2. Age, marital status, occupation, social security number, assets, income and beneficiaries
  3. Claim history, driving record, car make and model, license number, lender and lease agent
  4. Credit history, credit standing, policy coverage, premiums, and payment history
We collect Your Personal Information Form:
  1. You, in person, by telephone, or over the internet
  2. Forms you submit to us, such as applications, claims, and policy updated
  3. Consumer reporting agencies
  4. The DMV to verify driving record, auto title, or license status
  5. Claims databases, such as the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange
How We Use And Disclose Personal Information:

In order for us to obtain or to service the Insurance products you request, we may disclose your personal information to affiliated and non-affiliated companies. However, we do not sell personal information or customer lists to anyone for marketing purposes. We only disclose Information about you as allowed or required by law. In those Instances, we may disclose personal Information without your prior consent.

We May Disclose Personal Information To:
  1. Financial companies, such as life, automobile, and property Insurers, mortgage bankers, securities broker-dealers, and Insurance agents or brokers
  2. Service providers that help process or service your account
  3. Medical-care facilities or providers to verify coverage and/or benefits
  4. A court, governmental or regulatory agency when there is a lawful request
  5. Law enforcement to protect against fraud or unauthorized transactions
  6. A group policyholder for purposes of reporting claims experience
Privacy Notice 2

When we use service providers to help us service your account, your personal Information stays confidential. Our service providers agree to keep personal information private and not use it for any other purpose.We only use medical data to process claims. We do not share medical Information without your prior consent.We share personal Information with Insurance data banks that collect information about claim history, accident fault, and amounts paid. Insurance data banks may retain personal Information and disclose it to other Insurance companies and others legally entitled to see it.When your policy comes up for renewal, we may share your information with other Insurance companies to obtain competing quotes and provide you with better coverage or pricing. If you don’t want that to happen, you may “opt-out” as described below.

Important Privacy Choices

When your policy comes up for renewal, we may share your Information with other insurance companies to obtain competing quotes and provide you with better coverage or pricing. If you don’t want us to share your information with other Insurance companies to obtain competing quotes for better coverage or pricing when your policy renews, you may tell us so. By ‘opting out’ you instruct us to not share your information with other Insurance companies for this purpose. If you wish to opt-out, call us at 714 835-0840 [or complete and return the enclosed form to us in the self-addressed, postage paid envelope. We may share your Information if we do not hear form you within 45 days. However, you may opt-out at any time. Just call or write us. Even If you opt-out, we may still share your Information as allowed by law. This Includes disclosing information to our Affiliates to market other products or services to you.

We send current customers a privacy notice each year. If our practices change, we will inform you promptly. We treat our former customer’s information the same as our current customer’s information.

Right to Access And Correct Personal Information

You have the right to access, and to request the correction, the amendment, or the deletion of all of your recorded personal Information that has been collected by us. If you wish to review your recorded personal Information, you may see and copy your Information In person at:

Palmer Insurance Agency, Inc.
631 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(CDOI license no: OD69228)

Privacy Notice 3

We will need:

  1. Your name, address, telephone number, and policy number and the kind of Information you want to see.
  2. A signed, notarized request, which ensures the identity of the person requesting the information.

If you see any mistakes, let us know and we will review it. Please note that we do not control Information provided by third parties. You will need to contact the third party to correct any Information from them.

Please call us if you have any questions about this form, or about any of our policies.
We look forward to serving you in all of your Insurance needs.