Save Money this Holiday Season

Save Money this Holiday Season
  • By Michael
  • December 19th, 2019
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So the holidays are here and we are all looking to save money in any way we can.  Go ahead and keep that Disney Plus account and don’t cancel the Netflix. The best thing you can do is call us for an Auto insurance quote especially if you are near Santa Ana.  Our office is located conveniently on the corner of 1st and Broadway right next to downtown.  We are here and open though the holiday season (minus Christmas Day and New Year’s) to help you save money and hopefully increase your insurance coverage as well. 

Often time’s people don’t realize that for the same amount that they are paying now often times you can have double or triple the coverage you may have now.  If raising your coverage is not your priority and you are primarily looking to save money then often times we can keep your auto insurance coverage the same and lower your rate.  You will never know unless you call or drop us a message.

Also the New Year is the best time to review your commercial insurance.  So if you are looking for Business Insurance near Santa Ana we are here to provide you with the best company and price to fit your current need.  Just yesterday we were able to lower the rate of a landscaping company that had 3 heavy trucks over $3000 a year and we were able to match his existing coverage.

Now only did we save him thousands but we were also able to get him signed up for a Business insurance liability policy so now not only are his cars covered but his work is now covered also.  In his situation its ideal as often times he is trimming trees and if one of those branches falls on someone or on the house those damages would now be covered under this plan. He came in for a business insurance quote and we were able to lower his bottom line and he now has the coverage a company like his truly needs.

So if you are looking for some auto insurance quotes near Santa Ana or business insurance we are the people to see.  We will not try to “sell” you. This is not how we operate.  But if we can save you some real money or maybe up your coverage from what you have now we are here 


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