Everything Millennials Need To Know About Car Insurance

If you’re a millennial, you’ve hit the point at which you can take student loans, buy or rent a place to live, have children, and eventually purchase insurance. These big millennial life events make it incredibly important to have a financial safety net. And that’s just what insurance is – a financial safety net. 

According to Princeton Survey Research Associates International survey, millennials are the most under-insured generation. Nobody actually likes to worry about the worst-case scenarios when it comes to their value, but having insurance is more than just that – it’s about knowing that you have a contingency plan when things go wrong.

But while you’re tackling this adulting thing and all its obstacles, and looking for home insurance, medical or car insurance in Santa Ana here’s what you need to know:

Find Adequate Coverage:

If you are shopping for car insurance in Santa Ana, your No. 1 objective should be to find sufficient coverage. Price is important, but you need to decide what kind of coverage you need first. You can then tailor your coverage to your budget and then decide which carrier can provide you with the most robust plan. You may be tempted to take the lowest price tag insurance. But if you don’t have the right type of coverage, you may see less financial gain when making a claim. 

Insurance is a better support plan than relying on anyone else

The millennial generation is part of the boomerang generation, the pattern of young people moving home from work to college, or dependent on other forms of family financial assistance. This generation of young adults tends to have parents who are eager and able to help them out or save them from sticky circumstances. That could mean that while they have a safety net, they don’t know if insurance plans can support them. A conventional insurance scheme is usually a better solution, than having to rely on the family for financial support.

Insurance can be very easy to buy

Ease of buying is important for millennials. They’re tech-savvy and more willing to calculate and shop online. They want to get what they need and get it as fast as possible. They don’t want to hold meetings or long conference calls to explore their options. Like many others, they may choose to communicate online through chat or email and are more relaxed making the final transaction online. You can now make your auto insurance purchases online with ease.

Read the fine print:

Now that you’re well on the way to having the right car insurance plan for your valuable vehicle, make sure to take the time to read the fine print of your policy statement. Knowing what your cover entails is going to be beneficial at the claim stage.

Want to see if you’re eligible for discounts, or to adjust your deductible? Contact your local agent to get an inexpensive car insurance quote in Santa Ana and review your money-saving options.

As a business owner, it can be tough to strike the proper balance between too much and too little insurance coverage. While you don’t want to lose a tremendous amount of capital every month to insurance payments, you also want to make sure your organization is adequately insured. Here are some essential types of insurance you’ll need to purchase if your business makes deliveries around the community.

Auto Insurance for Your Drivers

Any time that your business is delivering products around town, that’s a sure sign that you need auto insurance in Santa Ana for your drivers. This ensures that your drivers can be confident that they are taken care of as they travel. It also makes sure that you as a business owner are taking care of your assets. This type of business insurance santa ana pays for any damage and repairs to your delivery vehicles while they’re out on the job. Talk with your nearby insurance professional to find out how much coverage you’ll need for the specific kinds of delivery vehicles your business uses.

Insurance for Property Damage

If your business runs out of a brick-and-mortar building or a warehouse, you’ll also need insurance for property damage. Insurance against property damage protects you in the event that some part of your business premises is damaged and needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Additionally, insurance against property damage protects you if some of your products are damaged and need to be replaced. Again, your insurance professional will be able to advise you regarding the amount of coverage you will need to sustain in order to appropriately protect both your business premises and the products that your company makes.

Liability Insurance on Your Products

For companies that sell and deliver physical products, it will be crucial for you to have liability insurance. While you naturally want to lean toward the most inexpensive insurance in Santa Ana, it will also be important that you carry the right amount of liability insurance. In case one of your products does not work properly or hurts someone, liability insurance protects you and helps to cover the damage caused by defective products. Liability insurance is one of the most important components of a viable insurance portfolio for your company. When you do your due diligence, you can make sure your insurance coverage is robust.

Naturally, most people want to get the best car insurance experience possible. However, the tricky part is that the best insurance experience will often stretch your wallet to an uncomfortable degree. There are a few tricks that you can use as a consumer to give yourself the best experience possible while also saving a lot of green. Here are some ideas to get the most bang for your buck in the car insurance domain.

Pay Your 6-Month Premium Up Front If It’s Cheaper

Insurance companies typically price their insurance policies in six-month intervals. While your inexpensive insurance in Santa Ana may not charge this way, it is helpful for you to find out. If your insurance company does charge in six-month intervals, they may also offer discounts for paying the entire premium in one sum. It may seem cheaper to pay your premium in monthly installments, but many insurance companies charge a significant installment fee for each payment. Doing your research in this area can save you a large amount of money.

No Matter What, Don’t Let Your Coverage Lapse

If you have experienced some adverse financial circumstances this year, paying your car insurance premium may be overwhelming. But, with both car insurance and business insurance in Santa Ana, the cost of letting your insurance lapse may be greater than paying your premium. There are often fees associated with lapsed insurance coverage. The cost to resume insurance after a gap in your insurance can be prohibitive. Additionally, your driver’s license can be adversely affected if you are labeled as an uninsured driver. On top of that, your car may be impounded if it is discovered that you are driving uninsured and you are in an accident.

Add Cost-Effective Extras That Improve Your Experience

While basic parts of your car insurance are those that make up most of the premium, there are additional extras that don’t cost much to add to your policy. These little extras can significantly improve the experience that you have with your car insurance. These extras can include gap insurance, which covers the difference between another person’s insurance payout and the total cost of repairs if repairs are needed. You can also add rental car reimbursement if your car needs repairs and other extras that make you feel great about your insurance.

Once you have auto insurance, it can be tempting to sit back and let your insurance company handle things from there on out. However, there are certain aspects of your coverage and of your conduct as a consumer that you’ll want to make sure not to forget. Here are a few things that you will want to make sure you have invested some time in when you are thinking about your insurance.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage makes up the largest portion of your insurance premium. And, while you might be tempted to lower your liability coverage in order to save some money, your liability coverage is not the part of your insurance where you want to try to cut corners. Auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana usually include a standard liability coverage offering in their preliminary information. This makes sense because liability coverage is what provides you with one of the largest portions of your protection. Even if you reduce cost in other areas, make sure that your liability coverage is fully funded.

Good Communication and Accurate Record Keeping

No matter how great your insurance company is, every company makes mistakes from time to time. When you receive your car insurance statement, take a few minutes to check over the information and make sure that everything you are reading is correct. If you find errors in your insurance statement, contact someone from your car insurance company to correct the error. Additionally, if you are receiving special discounts from your insurance company like a good driver discount or good student discount, take care to make sure that you are maintaining the documentation necessary to prove that you deserve those discounts.


Nothing saves you quite as much money as conducting some thorough research. You can find the best auto insurance in Santa Ana for you with a little time spent looking at your options. Not every driver is in the exact same situation as you, nor does every other driver have the same car or the same driving record as you. This means that the optimal car insurance coverage for each driver may be a bit different. By shopping around and finding the most competitive quotes, you can find the car insurance policy and car insurance company that are the best fit for you.

Shopping around for insurance coverage can be a murky, confusing business. Lots of tricky things can happen both when you are hunting for insurance coverage and when you’re trying to retain insurance coverage. If you’ve felt left out and under-informed about your car insurance at times, here are a few facts that can help you out:

Fact #1: Your Insurance Company Can Unilaterally Cancel Your Coverage

When you have car insurance, it’s important to make sure that you are abiding by your side of the bargain. You may not have known this, but your insurance company can cancel your auto insurance in Santa Ana if you are not responsibly carrying out what is expected of you. Your insurance could be canceled if your insurance company discovers that you have been misrepresenting your accident history, your car’s condition and the typical mileage for which you use your car. While mistakes or slight inconsistencies are usually overlooked, make sure that you are being honest about all of the major information regarding your car.

Fact #2: Paying in Installments May be Costing You More

Sure, it’s great that you can often get the option of paying for your car insurance in monthly installments. However, take a look at your car insurance bill the next time you receive one. Quite frequently, insurance companies charge an installment fee when you choose to pay in smaller amounts instead of the lump sum of your insurance payment. While some installment fees are small, others can add up to an additional $50 or more over the course of each 6 month insurance term. You may find that you save more by paying the full price.

Fact #3: Your Premium is Related to Your Credit Score

Yes, here is yet another area where your credit score impacts your life. When you are searching for auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana, you should know that each insurance company uses your credit score as a factor in calculating your car insurance premium. And, as with everything else that relies on your credit score, you pay less money if you have a pristine credit history. While there may be nothing you can do about financial mistakes in the past, this fact can serve as encouragement to take the time to try to improve your credit score in order to save.

Well, it’s happened. You’ve been in an accident. You’re probably thinking that your car insurance costs are now going to be sky high. If you’re worried about paying higher car insurance bills, it’s important for you to know that there are a few steps you can take to save yourself some money in this situation. Here are some tricks to try:

Tip #1: Take a Driving Class

One of the best ways to keep your auto insurance costs from climbing after an accident is to take a safe driving course. You can negotiate with your current car insurance company about taking a safe driving class. If your current insurance company will not offer a reduced rate after you take a driving class, you can always hunt around for reasonable auto insurance quotes in Santa Ana. Taking the time to complete a driving course is a way of showing that you are serious about both your safety as a driver and about keeping your car insurance costs stable.

Tip #2: Ask About Accident Forgiveness

If you’ve never had an accident before, try asking your insurance company if they offer accident forgiveness. If you have had an insurance policy with the same company for a while, they may be able to see your good history as a driver and forgive the accident. Accident forgiveness generally means that the fact that you’ve been in an accident will not affect your insurance rates, so it’s always worth it to ask about accident forgiveness. The worst thing that your insurance company can say is no, so why not? You may be able to negotiate to keep your costs as they are.

Tip #3: Be Honest with Your Insurance Company

If you’ve been involved in a relatively small accident, it can be tempting to keep the information about the accident to yourself. However, it’s always a better idea, to be honest with the company that provides your auto insurance in Santa Ana. Reporting the accident to your insurance company costs your insurance company the money that it takes to repair your car. If the other party involved in your accident sues you and you didn’t report the accident, your insurance company will have to pay much more money to settle the issue. In the case of accidents, honesty is the best policy.

It’s important to make sure that your business is always well insured, just in case something happens. However, as a business owner, you’ll also need to make sure that your business insurance is as cost effective as possible. While there are some factors in your business that you can’t change, there are some that you can adjust. Here’s a quick look at the factors that affect your insurance premium costs the most:

The Age and Size of Your Buildings

When you’re looking for inexpensive insurance in Santa Ana, you’ll need to be aware that the building (or buildings) you’re using for running your business is going to significantly impact your insurance costs. Your insurance premiums are most likely to climb higher along with the size of your building and the age of your building. Older buildings carry more possibility of needing repairs and of routine maintenance becoming more expensive. Additionally, larger buildings involve more components that can break or need to be replaced, so it will cost more to carry business insurance if you’re working from a larger building.

The Type of Industry You’re In

Another factor that influences your business insurance costs is the type of work that you are doing. More risky businesses with more moving entities are going to cause your insurance to cost more. It is important to know that, if your business involves making deliveries or business-related driving, you can get business auto insurance in Santa Ana to cover you and your workers. While you can’t necessarily change the line of work you’re in to save on insurance costs, you can make sure that your employees receive proper safety training and that you have the needed safety equipment installed.

Your Payroll and Workers’ Compensation History

Your business insurance rates climb higher if you have more employees who work for you, as well as if you have a history of past workers’ compensation claims against your company. As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that each and every worker you hire is indeed necessary to the function of your business. You’ll also want to do your best to address potential workplace injuries before they happen so that you don’t end up with a workers’ compensation claim on your hands. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll feel better about your business insurance coverage.


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car insurance near santa ana ca

Buying a new car is always exciting. At least, it is until you get your first car insurance bill. If you have been one of the many people who gasps when opening your car insurance bill, you’re not alone. Not to worry, though – there is a better way. By learning a few things about how business insurance santa ana rates are calculated, you can hack your car insurance premiums. If you don’t want to open your car insurance bills to be a stressful event, check out these tips for reducing your car insurance premium to a more manageable amount:

Choose the Right Car

Before you go looking for car insurance quotes in Santa Ana, start by picking a car that tends to be cheaper to insure. Cars with more than 2 doors tend to be cheaper to insure as a rule. Also, if you have the choice between a hatchback car and a 2-door sedan, go for the hatchback. Hatchback cars count as 3-doored cars for insurance purposes and end up being cheaper to insure (the large trunk counts as a third door). You may also want to find out the kind of safety equipment that lowers your premiums (like anti-lock brakes) and find a car that comes with those safety options.

Consider Your Commute

One factor that many people don’t consider when looking for car insurance near Santa Ana is the effect of their commute mileage on their insurance cost. The further you live from work, the higher your chances of getting involved in an accident on your commute. Therefore, a longer commute means a higher insurance premium. While not everyone has the opportunity to move closer to work, it’s something to consider. It’s also worth your while to look for a new job closer to home if you’re planning to change jobs.

Check Your Credit Score

When you shop around for auto insurance santa ana, the insurance company looks at your credit score in order to determine how much of a risk you pose in terms of ability to make payments on time. If you improve your credit score over time, you will have more and better options when you look for car insurance. While buying a new car may require rigorous work, paying your car insurance premium can be significantly less stressful if you incorporate these simple tips into your life.

On a Rainey day like today it just reminds me how important it is to have proper coverage when you’re out driving.  It’s no secret that So cal drivers cannot drive in the rain.  Now I would not like to put myself in to this category as I tell my wife “I’m almost a race car driver” but she often disagrees.  I just wanted to put out some tips with regards to driving in the rain as now is as good of a time as any.  Also if you are looking for Car insurance near Santa Ana give us a call and we can probably save you some money.

Tip #1

Drive the speed limit

The #1 cause of accidents in the rain is speed.  Not only going to fast but also going to slow.  We all know the implied dangers of speeding in the rain.  Hydroplaning, slipping, and sliding.  All of these things can be super scary when behind the wheel of a 2 ton machine.  So don’t speed and adhere to the posted speed limits.  Now something that many don not realize is going to slow can often be as dangerous as going too fast.  If you are going 20 MPH below the speed of traffic it is possible that a driver obeying the speed limit will have to break hard and slide right in to you.  So be cautious of your speed when driving in the rain.

Tip #2

Check your tires

This is huge.  Many people in So cal think they can go over the mileage recommendations on their tires as we have amazing weather and often take it for granted.  But when it starts to rain as it is going to this week it is vital that you check your tread.  You can be the most cautious driver and your equipment can fail you because you just have no traction on worn tires.

These are just a few tips when driving in the rain this week that I wanted to share.  Of course if you are ever looking for Cheap insurance Santa Ana.  Or as I like to call in Inexpensive Auto Insurance in Santa Ana please give us a call.  I am sure we can save you a boat load of money.  Also remember we offer great rates of business insurance and workers comp also!

There was a good article going over the facts of the new tax plan that where announced this morning.  I have attached the key points that would affect our clients and also removed any statement that seems biased.  I just wanted to present the facts so here they are.

The House bill consolidates those into four brackets: There are seven federal income tax brackets in today’s code 12% (on the first $45,000 of taxable income for individuals; $90,000 for married couples filing jointly) 25% (starts at $45,000 for individuals; $90,000 for married couples) 35% (starts at $200,000 for individuals; $260,000 for married couples) 39.6% (starts at $500,000 for individuals; $1 million for married couples)

Nearly doubles the standard deduction: The bill raises today’s standard deduction for singles to $12,000 from $6,350 currently;
and it raises it for married couples filing jointly to $24,000 from $12,700. That would drastically reduce the number of people who
opt to itemize their deductions, since the only reason to do so is if your individual deductions combined exceed the standard deduction amount.

Eliminates personal exemptions: Today you’re allowed to claim a $4,050 personal exemption for yourself, your spouse and each of your dependents. The House bill eliminates that option.

Expands tax credits for families: The bill would increase the child tax credit to $1,600, up from $1,000, for any child under 17.
The bill would also create a new $300 tax credit for “each parent and non-child dependents,” according to a summary document from House Republicans. Together with the child tax credit, they will be called the Family Credit.

Repeals state and local tax deductions, but preserves property tax break: The original GOP proposal was to fully repeal the state and local tax deduction, which lets filers deduct their property taxes as well as their state and local income or sales taxes. But it was met with strong opposition from lawmakers in high-tax states and cities. The House bill restores an itemized property tax deduction for property taxes up to $10,000.

Limits deductible mortgage interest: The bill preserves the mortgage deduction as currently structured for existing mortgages. But it curbs it for mortgages on newly purchased homes going forward. You would only be able to claim a deduction for interest you pay on mortgage debt up to $500,000, down from $1 million today.

Although i could write  pages and pages on each of these topics, i feel this is a good summary.  If you would like to know how these particular changes can affect you directly please contact us and i would be happy to look at your return and let you know if you will be helped or hurt by this plan as it is stated.

Find original article @ money.cnn.com/2017/11/02/news/economy/house-tax-reform-bill-individuals/index.html