The best Tax Preparation in Santa Ana

In today’s blog I would love to tell a story.  A story of how a newly married couple started selling appliances at the swap meat and grew, changed, and evolved a business in to the best tax preparation office in Santa Ana.

In the late 70’s Frank and Maria palmer started selling used appliances and swap meets all of southern CA.  From Santa Fe Springs to Palm Springs they were like the post office. No matter the weather they were there selling blenders, toasters, and irons.  The swap meet sales grew and eventually they had saved enough to open a brick and mortar shop in downtown Santa Ana. Not the same building but less than a mile from where we are still located to this day.

As appliances turned in to different electronics and records the business changed into a new invention of itself, selling boom boxes and hit records.  I was often told stories of them playing loud music out the front door of the business that sometimes may have annoyed the neighbors a bit but it did bring in the customers.  As the 80’s progressed the big box stores began to open. Stores like Circuit City, and Best buy could offer much lower prices than the mom and pop electronics shop and Maria and Frank saw the writing on the wall.  It was time to evolve again.

Frank Palmer had a business degree from Cal State LA and before he took a stab at being self-employed he worked at bank of America.  So he had a good grasp on finance and started helping individuals file their taxes out of a small desk in the back of an office in Costa Mesa.  He gained a reputation of being an honest and accurate tax preparer. A reputation we continue to maintain even decades later. But this reputation let to more business and many more clients.  He always seemed to be able to offer great tax preparation and get the highest refunds. So the business once again pivoted. From an electronics store to our current configuration as a financial services business.

When we first started tax prep it was a trickle of clients.  But over time we noticed that may individuals that offered tax preparation Santa Ana where being taken advantage of.  Preparers keeping part of their refunds or charging ridiculous amounts of money for this service.  We here at palmer swore that we would never take advantage of the ones who though their patronage put food on our table.  So we offered honest and accurate service for a fair price. This philosophy is what made us grow and survive through the ebbs and flows of the economic climate in the last 30 years.

We have seen so many changes over the last 30 years.  Multiple tax laws, changes, and presidential administrations.  Our staff though all of this always do their homework and keeps up with the most recent laws (sometimes to the benefit and sometimes to the disadvantage) of our clients.  We have given out tens of millions of dollars in refunds to thousands of patrons over the years and truly nothing makes us happier.  

You could say that what put our tax preparation near me business on the map was the 24-hour refund anticipation loan.  We were the first office to offer this service in the early ’90s and although it is available in many other places now we were the first to offer it and still do to this day.  

About 7 years ago Frank and Maria Palmer decided to take a step back from the business leaving it in the capable hands of myself there youngest son Michael and longtime office manager Danilo Martell.  Things have definitely changed once again in the business but not for the worse. We continue to gain new clients every year as our reputation continues to spread within the community of Santa Ana. If you google anything like Tax preparation near me, Tax preparation Santa Ana, Or even just Tax Preparation we will pop up.  We have highly reviewed across all social network and business rating websites.  We have dozens of 5-star reviews across Yelp and Google and those continue to grow.

So if you are looking for an Honest, Reputable, And knowledgeable Tax prep office in Santa Ana we are the people to come see.  We offer appointments and are open 7 days a week for the foreseeable future. Our hours do change as tax season goes on so please check online as we do keep them updated on all business listing sites.  I truly hope you have all enjoyed this story of how our business came to be and look forward to seeing our long-time clients and meeting the new ones.

The internet is a weird thing.  For example, let’s talk about Cheap Insurance.  Cheap insurance is something that people often use to look for local agents that have good rates.  Someone may put Cheap insurance Santa Ana in their search bar to see if that can lower there auto insurance rate.

 Although many times we are able to lower auto rates our products in no way shape or form would qualify as Cheap insurance.  Sure the price is lower than other places but the product you receive is not cheap insurance. I would call it Inexpensive, yeah, Inexpensive Insurance.  The companies we represent like Mercury Insurance are top level insurance companies and many people think that because of that the price may be higher. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Companies like Mercury Insurance are able to keep their prices so low because they only allow good drivers to enroll with them.  So many may call this cheap insurance that statement could not be further from the truth.  Now if you are not what one would consider a California good driver (this means you have less than 2 points on your driving records) then we also have other companies that would suit your needs. 

Now these companies are a bit more expensive but unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast. If you have had tickets or accidents in the past these points will raise your rate but we still have amazing rates for drivers in these situations.  Although many times someone may be looking for Car Insurance near Santa Ana but not find the rate they want we are able to meet there needs because we do not charge brokers fees.

Let me tell you something about these brokers’ fees.  DO NOT PAY THEM! So many agencies out there’s top priority is to gather brokers fees and that is their number one priority.  That will not happen with us here at Palmer Insurance.  We do not charge and Broker Fees Or service fees.  We could if we wanted to but have chosen not to as many times this is where we find we are able to truly save our clients’ money. 

These fees add up over time and I have seen people pay hundreds in these fees.  It makes me sick and that is and experience you will not have with us here at Palmer.

So what do we take from this? Don’t search cheap insurance Santa Ana, but how about Inexpensive Insurance Santa Ana?