How To Get The Best Rates For Young Drivers

How To Get The Best Rates For Young Drivers
  • By Michael
  • August 30th, 2016
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It’s the scariest day of your life. Your child has turned 16 and it going to the DMV to take their drivers test. Aside from the utter terror you feel knowing your child is going to be on the roads, you call your insurance agent and they tell you that monthly payment for the insurance on the car you got your child is going to cost you more than the car payment itself. So I have put together a list of tips and tricks to buying the right car for you newly licensed child that hopefully will satisfy your kids taste and not send you to the poor house.

#1 Safety

The most important aspect to look at when buying a car for your child is safety. The good thing is in this modern day and age most cars a really safe! After the advent of the airbag cars became remarkably safer than they ever have been so step 1, buy a car that has air bags, the more the better.

#2 Don’t Buy Brand New

Look, we all love having a brand new car. it the best feeling getting behind the wheel and seeing that odometer at 000012 miles. But a new driver with a brand new car is a horrible idea! New means expensive and that is what we are trying to avoid here. a good trick is look at the same make and model but 4-6 years older. It’s remarkable how much of a difference a few years makes.

#3 Get Good Grades

The good driver discount is huge for most insurers. Many of my clients use this as an incentive for their kids. “you don’t get good grades you don’t Drive”.

#4 Nothing with 2 doors

As soon as a car has 2 doors the insurers instantly charge more to insure that car. So stay away from coups in general.

#5 Nothing Imported

American made cars are typically much cheaper to insure so buy American….. Merica!

#6 Contact your Insurance Agent

The most important thing you can do is contact your insurance agent before you add a new driver and car to your policy. Feel free to ask us
Hypothetical’s “what if my son gets this car compared to this car” We are more than happy to run the numbers for you before you make this decision. And this removes the shock of the uprate when you make the change.

Here at Palmer we are able to offer Mercury Insurance witch has some of the best rates for young drivers so click on the free quote button and see how much money we can save you and your new driver. Be safe out there.

Michael Palmer

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