Uprates!! Uprates!! Uprates!!

Uprates!! Uprates!! Uprates!!
  • By Michael
  • May 18th, 2017
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Uprates!! Uprates!! Uprates!!

I was sitting in a meeting this week and learned that multiple companies have applied and been given the green light by the
to department of insurance to uprate all their policies. So if you are insured with Geico, State Farm, Safeco, Or Farmers
it may be time to reevaluate your policies. They are saying that these changes will be taking effect in the next 6 months
so if you are insured by one of these companies and you see your rates go up give Palmer Insurance a shot. We are often
times able to beat our competitors prices by hundreds of dollars a year. Plus we are starting our summer promotions!!!

This summer we are giving away an Ipad and all you need to do is get a quote to enter. That’s it! Get a quote and you
are entered in to the raffle. Also if you refer a client to us and they purchase a policy we will give you a $10 gas card
and a raffle ticket.

So it’s a win win. Call or click on Free quote above, realize you have been overpaying for your insurance, and enter for a
chance to win a new Ipad to tell all your friends about all the money you saved.

So just a recap, if you have GEICO, STATE FARM, SAFECO, OR FARMERS, Call today!! you prices will be going up shortly.

Have a great day!!

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