Open Enrollment Has Begun!!

Open Enrollment Has Begun!!
  • By Michael
  • November 3rd, 2016
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Open enrollment for Covered California has begun! This year like all the years past there are some changes in price and procedure that are best explained by an agent. Not only on new policies but also on renewals. here are some tips on what you have to know to navigate the confusing process that is enrolling or renewing your covered California policy.

#1 Renewals: If you are not looking to make any changes or adjustment to your plan then you are in luck! you do not need to do anything other than just continue to pay your premium and all will move forward as normal.

#2 Increase in Price: If you are enrolled in Covered California by now you should have received a letter breaking down your new monthly premium. If you feel that this price is now unaffordable please contact us and we can break down what you options are. We can at times adjust company or plan to get the price down to what you would like to pay. Also read my previous blog on the up rates for some explanation on how you may be affected.

#3 Changes: Life tends to change from year to year and these changes in income and family size need to be properly reported. These changes can lead to changes in price so it is extremely important that the information that is reported Is accurate and up to date. if not you could be over paying or get hit with a huge penalty at the end of the year.

#4 New enrollment: There have been some hiccups with the open enrollment (totally expected). so if you are looking to sign up contact us and we will me more than happy to help you navigate through the confusion and get you properly insured.

At Palmer Insurance we are always here to help with any insurance issue you may have so weather it is Covered California, Auto, Home, or commercial insurance we are always here to help. Just click or call for a FREE QUOTE today!

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