Will the AHCA Pass?

Will the AHCA Pass?
  • By Michael
  • July 25th, 2017
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From what it looks like the AHCA (American Healthcare act) will pass today. and many are left wondering how will this affect me?
The answer to that questions is short and simple, It won’t. All the vote today in congress will do is open the bill to amendments and
debate. Just because this vote will likely pass it will in no way shape or form make any difference in the current (obamacare) system.
So take a breath and drink that in.

Now here is the more important aspect of all of this. whether you want to believe it or not Obamacare as it currently stands is crumbling
under it’s own weight in most states. The acceptance of anyone, and companies not being able to underwrite for prior conditions is
leading to billions of dollars in claims. The way that insurance works in the most simplest terms is the healthy pay for the sick.
By not incentivizing enough of the healthy to be insured only the sick enroll and these companies are losing millions and in the case
of some, billions of dollars.

Leaning right or left in this situation does not matter. Whether you like the president or not does not matter. The only thing that
matters is that if something is not done the current system will fail. Believe it or not, that is your choice but numbers don’t lie
and this outcome is inevitable.

Is trumps plan the answer to the failing system? I don’t know, my personal opinion is no, but at the very least it does start a

What do you think? It would be nice for once to have a non political conversation a real problem facing this country.

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