Can I claim a dependent in Mexico?

So we are getting this question nearly every day and the answer is yes….. and no.

For the sake of the federal return you can put them on the dependents screen but you must disqualify them from the $500 credit.
The reason one would do this is for state benefits. As in the state of CA (where we are located) the tax code is still the same
as in previous years. Also for Individuals who revived Covered California (obamacare) this is very important as the premium
assistance is based on the number of dependents reported on ones taxes. If you do not do this you are going to be libel for
a large repayment on the subsidy that you are truly not responsible for

Claiming a dependent in Mexico is different then a regular dependent. It was never the White Houses intention to remove ones
head of household status due to the new rules. So this means you can still Claim your dependent parent as long as they qualify
under the rules. You will still have to remove the $500 dependent credit but the benefit of the new Head of Household deduction
will more then make up for the loss of the exemption.

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